Window Frosting

Enjoy Privacy and Lighting with Window Frosting

Window frosting is a great tool to create privacy while still allowing light and spaciousness into a room. The one-way vision effect is also sought after for branding and artistic purposes, giving your business a classy ambience to impress your customers.

Our signage experts can also guide you on how to use frosting to transition public spaces into private offices or rooms.

Do I need to replace the glass?

No! We can apply window frosting to existing glass surfaces.

Can I have coloured window frosting?

Yes, absolutely. White window frosting is most common, but we are also able to do vibrant colours that broadcast your brand.

Where can I have frosting?

We can apply it to any kind of glass from windows, walls, and doors to splashbacks and other surfaces.

Need Help?

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Want to know more about Window Frosting?

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