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Transform your business with Cost Effective Brisbane Wall Signs

One of the most affordable signage options, wall signs can transform the interior or exterior of your business from drab to professional, sleek, and ambient. Additionally, wallpaper or decals can be used to adorn and improve residential properties including home offices with a floor to ceiling wow factor.

Customised wall signs can be used for a myriad of applications from displaying oversized café menus to adding textured wallpaper to a reception area to covering unsightly paintwork with murals, scenic views, or branding.

Wall signs are giving Brisbane business owners the ability to get creative and lift the atmosphere and mood of even the smallest of spaces.

Top 8 Wall Sign Applications

  1. Large café menus
  2. Using Walls for Advertising
  3. Covering poor paintwork (without the hassle of painting)
  4. Highlighting your company’s core values
  5. Making small spaces appear larger with coloured wallpaper & lighting tricks
  6. Adding scenic views to the middle of a busy space
  7. Oversized Murals
  8. Creating views with false windows or invisible walls.


No longer just floral-patterned strips for your grandmother’s house, wallpaper has a range of uses for commercial as well as residential enterprises. Well-designed wallpaper can take a reception area from the 1970’s and transform it into an ultra-modern entry that gives your customers the confidence to do business, and not only once! The cost efficiency also allows you to update your messaging and style as frequently as you’d like.

Large Format Printing

This is the perfect way to cover entire walls, inside or out. Large format printing can be used to rejuvenate spaces, promote your brand, or advertise your services and products. Our Fabsigns service includes graphic design, so you can trust us to create the perfect wall sign for your requirements.

Wall Decals

Create your ultimate space with completely customisable wall decals. Bring your own design, chose from our range, or have something created especially for your business to stand apart from the rest!

You can expect years of use without tearing, curling, or stretching as well as easy removal when you require a change.

Wall Graphics

From museum explanation graphics to library features to spicing up office spaces, wall graphics are versatile in their applications and highly popular due to their cost efficiency.

Our team can help you from the ‘what should we do with this blank wall’ moment to the final product we will work closely with you to create your perfect wall graphics. 

Video Walls

Professional video walls are the perfect solution for large multimedia spaces from real estate displays to eye catching advertisements to timetables and schedules, our team at Fabsigns will work with you through, design install, electrics and integration.  

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