Video Walls Brisbane

Digital Display signs come in a huge range of sizes and configurations. From a single screen display to 9 or more panels laced together, creating the ultimate immersive experience. The use of multiple panels to create a video wall, commonly referred to as an iWall, is the latest must-have signage solution, loved by the largest brands in Australia. Step foot into any major shopping center these days and it’s almost impossible to ignore the video walls that line the shop windows. They make a bold statement and can impress even the most hardened shopper.


Video Wall Flexibility

While the up-front investment might be higher, the flexibility to change what they display at zero cost makes video walls a marketers dream. No more waiting for traditional signage mediums to be printed and installed, simply update the display file and enjoy.


Motion Demands Attention

These days it’s hard to ignore that we are surrounded by advertising. Poster, banners, billboards, they are everywhere, but they all have one thing in common. Stationary print media. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s time to up the ante. A savvy marketer knows that a well-edited video can create an emotional connection for potential clients even without sound.

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