Vending Machine Wraps

Fabsigns are your number one signage provider in South East Queensland, and your one stop shop for vending machine wraps.

We have all heard of car wraps, van wraps, ute wraps and even bus wraps, but vending machines?

Wraps remain one of the most cost effective ways to cover your promotional materials from vehicle wraps to shopfront glass wraps and more.

It protects the machine, you can pull it straight off without damage when you are ready, and it is cost effective. There are rarely times when your product couldn’t use a refresh after 5 years – and that is how long a good vending machine wrap can last!

You can get clever with your design and use your wrap to advertise your products, how to order as well as get your branding out there.

Talk to our team today to upgrade your vending machines with a fresh wrap.

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