One Way Window Film

Advertise Your Brand without Perforating Your Budget

Often thought of as magic signs, there’s actually no trick to one way window film! Just the boring old laws of optics and physics.

Vehicle One Way Vision signs adhere to glass surfaces and have many tiny perforations that allow you to watch the world through the sign, without the world looking back in. They are the perfect mobile marketing tool!
Choose a UV Laminate overlay to extend the life of your sign as well as protect your car interior.

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Frequently Ask Questions about our Vehicle One Way Window Film

1. How Does It Work?
a. There is no trick, the human eye is naturally drawn to brighter tones and colours, meaning from outside your eye doesn’t notice the small perforations, just the bright colours. While from the inside the back of the sign is black, so our eyes are drawn to the light from outside.

2. How Long Do They Last?
a. When paired with a UV laminate they can last up to 5 years.

3. Do Certain Designs or Colours Work Better?
a. Yes, absolutely! Simple and clear graphics work best, especially on car rear windows as the image is only seen briefly as you drive past so logos and phone numbers work best. For larger window signs the world is your oyster and these can be more detailed.

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