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North Lakes Brisbane is quite a new suburb being formed in only 2006. A very rapid growth period and an influx of residents has created a prime location for savvy business owners looking to take advantage of a new market. The North Lakes Business Park, started in 2007 is planned to be completed in 2017 and looks to create a wealth of new jobs in the area and even more exciting business opportunities.

North Lakes young age has led to a collection of new businesses with styled exteriors, trendy vibes and impressive signage. The median age of the suburb is also 6 years lower than the national average. Considering the younger average age of their customers, North Lakes Business owners would do well to ensure their signage is not old and dated as to ensure a harmonious fit with the rest of the area and to ensure their younger customers aren’t turned off by old and dated signage that older clientele might be less impacted by.

When living in an age of impulse and superficiality, a business needs to make an impact before the shopper even walks in the door. Quality shop front signs, illuminated signage, LED displays, window tinting, etc are a must for attracting attention and standing out from the rest of the North Lakes business owners.

While there is more to a North Lakes business than just quality signage, this suburb is even more demanding of a coherent and trendy signage strategy. With the other businesses also aware of the areas signage demands it’s even more important that the face of your business get’s the attention it deserves to stand out from the crowd.

With years of signage experience under our belt, Fabsigns are the only choice for your North Lakes Signs.

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