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Fabsigns service the entire South East Queensland region including the Gold Coast and surrounding regions and suburbs. The coastal town is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, especially in the northern region which is experiencing particularly high residential growth with commercial businesses following suit to service the increasing requirements. 

As the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast signage market are still developing now is a perfect time to make your mark and establish your business name in the city famous for tourism. One famous example of Gold Coast Signs is the ‘Pink Poodle’ sign in Surfers Paradise; this illuminated signage became so iconic, even after the motel it represented was long gone, the sign remained proudly pasted to the building and is now heritage listed. This is a fantastic rendition of signage marketing done incredibly well. 

From retail to commercial solutions, our Fabsigns customers agree the quality of signage is hugely important in setting yourself apart in a saturated location. We service all types of Gold Coast businesses from A Frame Signs for cafes to billboards on the Gold Coast highway for SMEs to state-of-the-art LED signs for larger corporations. 

Not all Fabsigns clients have their signage creative completed, which is why we offer graphic design services to assist in creating the perfect signage for your Gold Coast business to give you the unfair advantage! Enquire now for a quote. 

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