Fabsigns is not just a signage company, weare quite diverse and offer a variety of additional services to support our core service of signage design and installation.

We also offer Graphic Design services, Window tinting and frosting for your premises, we are able to get all of your marketing material designed and printed with our very own offset printer and we have an electrical team on board, so if you need any other electrical work to be done, we can quote on that as well.

We aim to be a one stop shop to helping youto make your work premises as attractive, eye catching and as safe as possible and also ensure that your marketing message is not only visible through your signage but throughout your marketing material as well.

Signage design and production

The image of your brand or business in the public domain is channelled through your logo, brand, or signage. A sign is the visual representation of what your business represents, and as such, it is imperative that you expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to consulting a sign writing specialist to get the job done.

The design of your sign must be simple, yet creative and an embodiment of all your business stands for. Opt for distinct sign writing that can truly become the hallmark of your company and make it stand tall in today’s competitive environment. At Fab Signs we can design your sign or logo after planning out your brand and marketing strategies and signage requirements.

We also undertake promotional exercises such as designing artwork to maintain consistency throughout your campaign and to attract the attention of your target market.


The production process for manufacturing a sign is the outcome of various important stages such as client consultation, assessments, site visits, discussions, strategies, and plans. As such, signage production is crucial so that we at Fabsigns can put your requirements and ideas into action. Our highly skilled production team at Fab Signs is dedicated to developing and creating visually stunning signs that are durable and made only from the best grade materials.

To top it all, our turnaround time from the design to installation stages is fast, so you can have your signage up in no time at all.

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