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As the industry leader in School Signs for South East Queensland, Fabsigns take pride in delivering outstanding signage solutions for local educational institutes.

With a range of options to choose from, we are happy to chat about your specific requirements and offer expert signage advice to ensure the best fit with optimum exposure and clear communication that advertise the excellent educational opportunities at your school.

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Pylon / Welcome Signs

Pylon School Signs are freestanding promotional structures that are large, bold, and eye catching standing up to 10 meters tall they allow for maximum visual range and are a premium choice.

Our high-quality pylon school signs have transformed the frontage of schools to be professional and welcoming. With a high level of detail and the ability to customise your typography, colours, textures and other elements these signs are the perfect combination of quality and design. Our clients have given us the feedback that their new pylon signs have increase enrolment enquiries.

LED School Signs

These technology-based signs are perfect for schools wanting to be able to update their messages efficiently and professionally. With a warranty, training and support for all LED signage, they are an excellent school sign solution working perfectly night and day!

Changeable School Signs

Traditional and cost effective, changeable school signs are a fantastic message board for your school to broadcast announcements, reminders, your school’s vision, directions and more to the community.

Created with a tough frame that will stand the test of time and never rust, you can rely on these handy message boards. This signage solution comes with magnetic letters, a clear, impact-resistant, lockable cover with a spare key, and your choice of coloured backgrounds, although light colours are recommended for visual and weather wearing reasons.

School Building Signs

At Fabsigns we have a team of graphic designers to assist in creating innovative, eye catching building signs that set your school apart. They are created with a combination of texture, colour, typography and 3D elements to create a visual impact.

Talk to the team about building signs to suit your needs.

School Map Signs

Particularly useful for large schools or educational institutes on undulating or usual blocks, school map signs are customer focused assisting in a streamlined experience for your students and guests.

You can provide your ideas and instructional information and we will create your School Map Signs to be easily understood and followed.

School Directional Signs

We can point your students and guests in the right direction with our directional signs. From posts with arrows pointing to the library to building signs pointing the way to the tuckshop, directional signs are a simple, easy to understand and universally recognised way of directing traffic.

School Banners and Flags

From sporting house banners to tear drop and pull up banners, Fabsigns can create the perfect flag or banner to suit your requirements. These visually appealing apparatuses are a great way to enhance visual communications in your school or campus.

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