Pylon Signs Brisbane

Pylon signs are the ultimate in advertising for your business. Big, bold and eye-catching Pylon Signs make a statement and prove that bigger IS better!

What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are large free standing promotional structures that are popular among many businesses including schools, shopping centres and outside commercial and industrial properties. Bigger is almost always better, they often stand up to 10 meters high allowing for maximum visual range.

Pylon Signs in Brisbane: Exposure at its Max

The Fabsigns team of experts will design, build to engineering specifications, install and provide a certification for the Pylon and Pole signs to ensure they are structurally sound. This means that your Pylon signs and Pole signs will be erected quickly and efficiently, and to Australian Standards.

Your sign will be infinitely customizable with options such as 3D Fabricated letters, LED full colour digital displays, conventional light-boxes and router cut detail.

Benefits of Pylon Signs

Here are a few reasons why Brisbane businesses choose to advertise with a Pylon Sign:

  • Pylon signs are appropriate for displaying short messages in large fonts, making it easier for the viewers to grasp your message instantly.
  • A picture says a thousand words and Pylon Signs with their height and size, make your pictures sing! 
  • Pylon signs are highly durable and can be used as permanent modes of advertisement.
  • A pylon sign is effective in advertising special promotions and offers.
  • Your pylon signs can be customised to include back lighting so your advertising can be viewed day or night.

Pylon signs that feature business logos and names are effective in providing advance notice for your business’s location and brand. Such signs have low maintenance and high impact exposure for your business.

Advantages of installing Pylon Signs Brisbane

Pylon signs are eye-catching mediums to communicate your message effectively. 3-D signs are a fantastic addition which can be highly advantageous in promoting your brand. They can be bright, large or small, designed to promote a product, service, event, or just a location indicator. Pylon signs installed in your city add to your firm’s professionalism. A professional business signs designer, such as Fabsigns Brisbane will make the signage as per your business requirements, specifications and the space available.

Our Pylon Signs are individually designed to meet your image requirements and can include your firm’s logo to create extra brand awareness. Fabsigns products are resistant to wind, corrosion, sun and water. High quality materials are used in their construction, providing years of unwavering service.



Things to keep in mind while installing Pylon Signs Brisbane

Before installing a pylon sign, due consideration is given to the type of message displayed, the colors and fonts used, size and the location where the sign is to be installed. Your pylon sign should be installed in such a way that it gets exposure to as many people as possible. Some businesses like to install the sign at a height and size, so that it becomes a landmark and of course meeting local government by-laws.


Due to their durability, easy of design and construction and instant appeal in promoting a business, pylon signs have become a major component of any business promotion.


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