Pylon Renovations & Light Instalments Brisbane

Pylon Sign Renovations and Light Instalments are a fantastic way to reinvigorate your marketing without breaking the bank or purchasing an entire new signage option.

The advantages of Pylon Signs in the Brisbane and greater south east Queensland are endless. They provide great landmark recognition through high visibility and give your business the competitive edge.

Update Your Pylon Sign with a Refurbishment or Light Instalment

Once you’ve made the investment of a pylon sign it’s wise to update and refurbish it ensure it is on brand, well-maintained, and a fresh representation of your company. After all, businesses are judged on appearance and face value – ensuring your company has a professional appearance will assist in business growth and keeping market share away from your competitors.

Another bonus of a sign renovation is the ability to make additions such as digital messages that scroll, or simple lighting. Movement is known to assist in catching the attention of passers-by, while lighting allows you to advertise 24/7, which is especially worthwhile if your business is located around night-time traffic or pedestrians.

Pylon Renovation Benefits

  • Cost Efficient
  • Updated Branding
  • No New Council Approvals (unless the engineering structure changes)
  • Minimal Disruption to Car Parks, Landscaping etc.
  • Shorter Time Frame than a New Sign
  • Ability to Add Components such as digital panels, LED messages or Lighting

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