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Nothing makes a statement like large format printing. Posters provide a visually impressive and cost-effective way of marketing to a captive audience. Fabsigns Brisbane offers extremely competitive poster prices and produces some of the highest quality work around. Let our team of expert designers create you a poster that demands attention. Keep reading for our expert poster hints and tips.


Maximum Imagery – Minimum text:

Your audience doesn’t have time to read paragraphs of text, so don’t use them. You need to get attention fast and the best way to do so is with bright colours and eye catching imagery. Keep the poster text to a minimum and ensure that the text that you do use is easy to read. Fancy font’s are hard to read and even harder to read from a distance. Posters with big personalities and big bold text, demand attention!


Quality Matters – Choose offset posters:

Ensure your poster stands out from the competition by opting for high quality offset printing. Select from a range of stocks and finishes to give your Brisbane poster that professional edge. We also boast a range of synthetic  choices for a harder wearing out door posters and high quality UV resistant inks that offer you greater value for money.


Call to action:

Remember to utilise clear call-to-actions on your poster design. Give your audience something to take action upon and use the available real estate with large urls and contact information. Remember your audience might be sighting your poster from a-far.


Target market:

Be sure to establish a target market before the design process and keep your design relative. Relevancy is your key to drawing attention and converting a view to a lead.


The more the better:

If you are looking at some local marketing with posters, it’s often worth investing in a higher quantity print run. How often have you seen entire horizontal rows of the same poster? It is a visually captivating marketing tool and an effective one at that.


Poster Location, Location, Location:

Spend some time planning the optimal location for your posters. Restaurants and Café’s might like to locate their posters near bus or train stations where commuters are often hungry. Head height is an obvious one that is often overlooked. Remember to consider your target market when placing a poster a head height. If you’ve got something that appeals to the kiddies, look for a lower spot consider a locale near a school, playground, etc!


The law is the law:

Please consider the law in your local area. Some councils will frown upon posters being attached in un-authorised areas. Use your due diligence and make a few quick phone calls if in doubt. For your convenience , you can find the contact details for the Brisbane City Council here.

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