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Printed Flyers come in many shapes and sizes, often considered to be a cheap yet extremely effective marketing medium. Similar to a Brochure, Flyers are dynamic and diverse. A flyer is often considered a cheaper, and more ‘expendable’ version of a Brochure. Brisbane businesses leverage printed flyers in many ways, from one-colour digital take-away restaurant menus to professionally crafted, full-colour offset flyers with quality finishes.


Effective Call to action

Like any good marketing medium, a clear and concise ‘Call to Action’ is a must on any flyer. Since flyers often have a short shelf life, consider a time-sensitive offer to encourage consumers to take action before the Flyer is discarded. A smart call to action will increase your Flyer conversion rate and your return on investment.


Cheap Digital Flyers does not mean cheap quality

Digital Flyer printing has come a long way in recent times. Not only has image quality improved, but page registration has improved dramatically. This means that when your flyers are guillotined you get consistent print alignment and improved border symmetry. Choose a premium paper stock to give your digital flyers that professional look.


Flyer Folding Options           

While Flyers are available in many different shapes and sizes but are most commonly guillotined down to a single leaflet DL flyer or folded to DL. Most Flyer holders are DL sized so this is often the smart choice. There are many folding options available allowing you to leverage larger page sizes for more advertising real estate and then fold the flyer down to size. We can fold large sheets to sizes even smaller than DL so contact us today to speak to one of our printing experts.

Brisbane Flyer Design

Know what you want but not quite sure how to turn it into a print ready file? No worries, our team of expert Brisbane designers are here to help. We’ll ask you some simple questions and help to develop your ideas into a stunning and effective flyer.


Track your flyers Return on Investment

Are your flyers working for you? It’s not a question that most business owners can answer. Luckily there is a way to track this. Flyers advertising products or services sold on an ecommerce store could contain a unique promo code that is used to gain an incentive upon checkout. A saavy ecommerce store owner could then report on revenue generated with that promo code and calculate against the Flyer printing spend to a give return on investment figure. Just remember to consider assisted conversions and that that customer might shop later down the track, after you have calculated your ROI.

Even non-ecommerce businesses can use particular wording like ‘call and mention this flyer to receive your second treatment free.’ It is then a simple task to record each caller and its eventual sale amount to calculate a return on investment. Use this method to measure effectiveness across flyer campaigns and refine what works and what doesn’t.

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