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Show that you mean-business with high quality, company brochures. A dynamic and diverse marketing medium, brochures can be customised to suit a large variety of purposes. A smart marketer utilises Brochures as an interactive guide to a company’s products or services. A staple for any take-away restaurants, they have proven indispensable in a wide range of industries.  Brochures make for fantastic (and cheap) product catalogs, service menus, timetables, maps, etc.


Call to action

Like any good marketing medium, a clear and concise ‘Call to Action’ is a must on any company brochure. Leave unnecessary company information off. Big blocks of text can turn a brochure into a deterrent.


Important fonts for important brochure information

Go easy on the creativity when it comes to important information. Reserve hard-to-read, fancy fonts for non-essential wording. Contact information should be large and easy to read.


A range of brochure finishes

Choose from our range of quality paper stocks and professional finishes. Use varnishing, lamination or die-cuts to give your brochure the professional touch and ensure your business stands out from the crowd.


Folded Brochures

One of the more popular brochure sizes is DL. This can consist of a single A4 page folded or larger sheets folded into DL giving you more marketing real estate. A whole range of other sizes are available included folded A3, A4 and A5. Talk to us about the dexterity and flexibility of folded brochures and let our team of Brisbane Brochure experts help you maximise your businesses potential with print marketing.


Get your brochures seen!

Ask us about brochure holders and place your brochures somewhere that demands attention. The reception counter is your first port-of-call. Brochure holders affixed to the outside of your building is another quick way to draw attention from passers-by. Identify your target market and ensure your design suits. While it might sounds like marketing basics, simple design choices can make all the difference when it comes to a brochure that works and one that doesn’t.


Brochure paper choice matters

Spend some time to consider your target market before selecting your stock. With a wide range to choose from, it’s worth considering a few things. Are my customers environmentally savvy? Perhaps a recycled stock is going to offer more relevancy. Do I project a long lifespan for my brochure? A heavier and more durable stock might offer more shelf-life. Am I in the business of premium or ‘high-ticket’ products/services? Consider a range of elegant satin stocks.


Brisbane Brochure Design

Let our team of expert designers turn your vision and ideas into a Brochure that turns interest into leads and leads into retained customers. Our designers boast years of experience, working on projects large and small and if you’ve got a challenging Brochure in mind, we’re up to the task!

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