Neon Signs

Neon Signs are an old favourite, it’s hard to beat signage that can broadcast your brand in such a bespoke and unique way. Our team at Fabsigns can completely customise your neon signage to your preferred colours, size, and font to convey the essence of your brand.

How do Neon Signs work?

Neon Signs are glass tubes filled with inert gas that is illuminated by running an electrical current through the tube. Keeping them in a cooler position is not necessary, but it does increase the lifespan of your sign.

How Big Can My Neon Sign be?

The tubes come in three standard sizes, 9mm for more detailed work, 12mm is the most popular and commonly used and 15mm for larger signs.

What Designs work best for Neon Signage?

Short and simple creatives are best for such a bold signage option. Your brand name or a short clear message will get the most out of your neon sign.

Where can I position my Neon Sign?

Anywhere you like! These signs can be used indoors or outdoors. We do recommend your sign is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance as it’s never a good look to have one letter out of action!

Neon Reception Signs

Reception areas can be boring and dull – often a place overlooked as the midway point before the destination. Add some flare to your entry with neon signs! Olympia Transformations added them to their total signage makeover which lifted the reception area giving the Brisbane City gym a sophisticated ambience.

Neon Signs in Olympia Transformations as part of a total signage make over

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