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In a world of marketing overload and saavy competition, it has become increasingly important that your branding stands out. Light boxes are practical, professional and demand attention. This style of illuminated signage is used both indoors and outdoors, and the display can be back-lit or edge-lit. We specialise in slim line light boxes, but any size is available upon request. Our high quality light boxes ensure an even distribution of light, which helps create a dominant and eye-catching display and thereby increase your sales potential. We have used this type of display to create clear and easy to read food court menus as well.


Light Box Sizes

Slime-line lightboxes are our speciality, but with years of experience in creating professional lightboxes in Brisbane, we can tailor a Light Box to suit any need. Light boxes can be built to accommodate signage as small as a shoe box to the largest pylon sign.


Who are light box signs for?

Lightboxes demand attention, so any business with a passer-byer to impress should consider taking their signage to the next level with a professional lightbox. We have created lightboxes for Brisbane’s best businesses – from Gyms to Butchers, to Pet stores and Funeral Directors. Is your signage getting lost amongst a sea of competition? Upgrade to lightboxes today and get noticed!


Double Sided Light Boxes

Maximise your return on investment with a double sided light box. Many of our big name clients, opt for double sided to maximise their exposure to passing foot traffic. With most walkways running parallel to the facia of your business it makes sense to hang your light box so the traffic passes underneath. This technique catches the attention of foot traffic passing by in both directions and outshines basic shop-front signage.


Light Box Sign Installation

At Fabsigns Brisbane, we have professional Electricians on hand for any signage installation that requires more talent than flicking the power switch. We can tailor the electrical components to meet your needs and we are fully qualified to handle any internal wiring that might be required. We can even setup timers if you only want your light box illuminated in the darker hours.


Lightbox FAQ

Q. Once the lightbox is built, can I make any changes to the design

A. Sure – We can build lightboxes that tailor for customisation by the end user. Front facias can be swapped out for a fresh design


Q. Do all lightboxes have to be square or rectangle?

A. Certainly not – We have created lighboxes of all shapes and sizes. Circles, triangles, abstract (is that a shape?). If you want to get creative, let us know, we are up for the challenge.


Q. Is power consumption a concern?

A. We utilise the latest fluro and LED technology to keep the environment AND your back pocket happy. No nasty power bills here! We can also install timers, if you only want your lightbox signs illuminated at night.

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