Freestanding Signs

Go Big with Freestanding Signs 

Adding eye catching freestanding signage to your local marketing strategy today! It’s a great way to improve brand awareness, showcase your location, and make a statement about your business.

As well as signposting your location, free standing signs are an effective advertising medium to use in areas that are frequented by your customers. They can also be used to direct your customers on larger premises with directories and maps.

Popular options are pylon signs, monument signs and billboards. Each give maximum impact visually and can be embellished with illumination or digital components.

Illuminate The Way

The addition of illuminated elements to your freestanding signs is a great way to add design aspects, draw attention to the most important part of your sign as well as advertising 24 / 7!

Go Digital

Adding LED full colour digital displays allows you the flexibility to update your messaging in an instant! Market to several customers at once by rotating your messaging as well as testing the effectiveness of different marketing material.

Light Up Your Business

Use a pop of colour and light with our lightboxes. They are easily affixed to our monument and pylon signs to stand out and advertise for your business at all hours.

3D Lettering For Unmatched Professionalism

3D fabricated lettering and freestanding signs go hand in hand as they are big, bold and demand attention! Illuminated lettering is the perfect addition to a large, eye catching pylon sign placed strategically outside your premises.

Our team of signage experts at Fabsigns can give advice on promotional signs that will work for your business including sign formats, graphic design, and installation certificates to ensure your signs are structurally sound. This means your signage will be designed professionally to your brand guidelines and erected quickly and efficiently to Australian Standards.

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