Floor graphics

Floor graphics allow savvy business owners to communicate through a unique channel that is otherwise unused.

Our clients use floor decals, stickers, hand painted graphics and floor graphic panels to direct traffic, advertise special deals or events, and increase brand awareness. The best part? Our Fabsigns Floor Graphics are durable, so you can trust they will stand the test of time against weather, foot traffic, and general wear and tear. 

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Wayfinding Floor Graphics

A great method of directing the flow of traffic around your store, event, warehouse, corporate office and other areas is the use of floor graphics. There is a myriad of ways to help direct your customers or employees from simple vinyl icon stickers with arrows to larger and more complex map systems with further information.

Floor Graphic Advertising

Get your customers or event attendees excited with customised floor advertising! Great examples of this promotional medium are stair case graphics in schools, train stations, libraries and other public domains. Another popular use is in shopping centres for competitions or giveaways.

Hand Painted Floor Graphics

This method adds a unique touch to your business; expertly crafted floor graphics are a fantastic option for a seamless finish on a textured surface that is permanent.

With centuries to attest its use, hand painted floor graphics are a premium choice that will last.

Logo Floor Graphics

Add another dimension to your brand with your logo tastefully embedded on your business floor. The goal of branding tools is to boost profits, and while brand recall and recognition do not provide immediate ROI they are invaluable to your long term marketing strategy.

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