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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest marketing trends, it’s hard to ignore the decreasing price and increasing popularity of Digital Window Displays. With TV display technology advancing rapidly and the price of quality panels going down, it’s now more affordable than ever to enhance your shops’ windows with eye-catching displays that work around the clock. High definition, high contrast, back-lit digital displays help you maximise your window space with the continuous rotation of static marketing assets or video content.


Backlit Digital Window Displays never sleep

Make your signage work for you while you sleep. No other marketing medium can rival the eye-grabbing, attention-demanding properties of a high-definition digital window display. Maximise the screen size to increase the effective range of your digital display.


Campaign launches in a flash

Revel in the marketing teams excitement when their ideas are transformed from draft to a live campaign without having to wait for traditional signage to be printed and delivered.


Digital Window Displays encourage experimentation

No longer are you stuck with a marketing campaign that ‘just didn’t turn out the way you thought it would’. With the flexibility to change the display content to your heart’s content, you can enjoy the freedom to get experimental. Instead of having to decide between the 2 best ideas, rotate them both on your digital window display signs, and measure which one works best. Identify which one is working by asking the customer to mention a codeword in-store, or simply ask a shopper what attracted them to the store. Customers are often all-to-happy to share this information and business owners often overlook how valuable this basic feedback can be.

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