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To veterans of the Digital Display marketing medium, a static poster or banner seems almost archaic. The dynamic nature of the digital display allows for not only a lifetime of display variations but also the ability to use the same space for marketing to multiple demographics. Stuck on which promotion to feature? Feature them all with a digital display featuring a rotating style slider for a cost effective and eye catching signage solution.


High-Quality Digital Displays

Quality is important when it comes to Digital Display Monitors since they are often left running 24/7 which is why we only use the best panels. Experience gained from over 7000 installs of digital display signs has lead to the development of a rock solid digital display platform that is proven to stand the test of time.


Immersive Video Walls

Digital Display signs come in a huge range of sizes and configurations. From a single screen display to 9 or more panels laced together, creating the ultimate immersive experience. The use of multiple panels to create a video wall, commonly referred to as an iWall, is the latest must-have signage solution, loved by the largest brands in Australia. Read more at our video walls product page.


Digital Window Displays

Digital window displays are quickly taking the place of static merchandising and is often favoured by many large retailers for its ability to attract consumers attention with movement, vivid backlight colours and even sound. Create the content yourself or re-cycle something of interest for your consumers. Even the latest news headlines can be enough to grab attention and make an impact. Read more at our digital window displays product page.


Real Estate Displays

The new favourite amongst realtors, digital display signs make a window display absolutely sing. The old cable display systems favoured by real estate agencies for eye-catching window displays are slowly being replaced by 1 or more digital displays and the results are impressive. Read more at our Real Estate Display Signs product page.


5 Reasons you’ll love Digital Display Signs

  1. No wait time for print. Any time of the day (or night), your latest designs can be pushed to the monitors and on display for your prospects to enjoy.
  2. Backlit screens and movement get attention. Maximise your brands exposure day and night with a signage medium that works around the clock.
  3. Make use of limited space with a carousel slider on the one display showcasing a range of promotions within the same space.
  4. Improve supplier/partner relations by leverage this eye-catching space to help market their brands.
  5. Leverage existing content, instead of creating some, or show something that is guaranteed to get attention – movies, music videos, news, etc.

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