Cable Display Systems Brisbane

Cable display systems are a fashionable, versatile and convenient way to promote your company’s products or services. Easy to install, the cable display systems can be suspended horizontally or vertically and their multifunctional components allow for a diverse range of display possibilities. The height of each holder can be adjusted easily, and the poster replaced whenever you like.


Cable display systems feature stainless steel hardware that makes the cable hanging system durable. They also have a sleek look and create a feeling of space. The ‘invisible look’ of the cable display is ideal for emphasising products and services, and offers great versatility for posters or shelving displays. This professional appearance is a perfect way to make a great impression, and as such cable display systems are often a popular choice for real estate agencies and retailers.


Fabsigns can provide you with the ideal cable display system, customised to meet your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of components and systems to meet your signage requirements. Not only will passers-by take notice, these attractive display systems will invite them in!

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