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Banners Signs are one of those ‘Wow’ marketing mediums. Large and visually impressive, Banners offer more than enough space to get your message across and more than enough size to demand attention.

Fabsigns Brisbane are experts at banner printing, expertly crafting canvas banners and vinyl banners and utilising the latest large format technology. Our Banner Makers bring you unbelievable results that are colourfast and UV resistant. Our durable materials are built to last in all environments.

With year of experience making Banners in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, we offer the complete package from concept and design to production and Banner installation.

Bigger IS better when it comes to Banner Signs

It might sound cliche but bigger really is better. With super-large format printing technology and advanced joining techniques, there really is no size limit.

6 Tips for Increasing Banner Signage Impact

  1. Make your Banner Stand Out with colours not prevalent in the installation area. Sometimes ‘ugly’ can also mean effective. Nothing beats a fluro yellow banner with bold red text when it comes to getting your message across.
  2. Avoid Getting Too Fancy – Fancy/cursive fonts, might look great, but they can often be hard to read and understand at the best of times. With a very short window of opportunity to convey your message, it’s best to ensure any text, is bold and easily readable, even from a passing car.
  3. ‘Call to Actions’ are often the most overlooked element of a good Banner sign. Getting your message across is useless if there is nothing enticing the potential lead to get in touch with your business. Consider a special offer, discount code or time sensitive offer to encourage a sense of urgency
  4. Strategic Banner Placement – Spend some time to really analyse your target market. Where do they shop, work, commute, hangout, etc? Where might they find themselves standing still for long periods. Bus stops or taxi ranks are great locations to hang Banners that catch bored wandering eyes.
  5. Professional Banner Installation – A mind blowing banner is only as impressive as the install. Dropping and floppy banners can hide important information and convey a ‘less-than-professional’ feel to your business.
  6. Measure-ability – Measure lead generation and ROI by encouraging a visit to a specific page on your website that is no advertised anywhere else. This will give you a metric to measure leads generated directly with Banner Signage. Or, if you are in the world of e-commerce, use a campaign specific coupon code.

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