Make your building signage standout from the crowd

Imagine you are commuting home; you are tired from your busy day. You may notice there is a lot of advertising and signage on your journey, but you are too exhausted to pay much attention to anything.

Your immediate plans don’t stretch past catching up on your Netflix recommendations and having dinner. Wait. Dinner. Now you scroll through your mental refedex of options. You land on the Mexican restaurant on your way home, they have a 2 for 1 offer. Perfect.

How did you know about the offer?

Effective signage doesn’t always make you stop in the middle of the street, staring in awe at it and calling your mum to tell her about this awesome sign you’re looking at. Sometimes advertising’s best work is done with the subconscious; filed away by your customers brain to be pulled out at the relevant time.

Both types of attention grabbing can provide a great return on investment.

One example of a recently effective ‘grab your attention’ campaign is Bond’s famous ‘Boobs’ billboards that looked like this:

Make your building signage standout from the crowd | Fabsigns

This caused a stir, with a large amount of social media attention gained by people stopping to take photos and sharing them online.

The cost of the the market saturation achieved by this clever marketing campaign was significant as it included multiple billboards all over the country. For a large company such as Bonds, this provided an excellent investment in brand awareness. Meanwhile the use of approximately 5 billboards around your Mexican restaurant featuring a 2 for 1 dinner offer could also provide excellent results. Hence both strategies can have a desirable return on investment despite being at different marketing levels.

The key is knowing how to make your building signage stand out for your business. The trick? There isn’t just one tactic. There are several ways to raise brand awareness, increase leads and have your target audience take the action you want.


Employing the use of contrast is the first step in making your signage stand out. Colour, light and movement are the three things that your customers will notice subconsciously before their mind catches up. You can employ the use of two contrasting colours such as red and white or black and green. Another option is to add illumination to your signage such as using a neon sign, light box or adding led strips or downlights. Movement can be used with digital signage, which has the added benefit of being updated whenever you please.

A Good Offer

Knowing the difference between a brand awareness campaign and a tactical offer campaign is key. If you can use a unique offer for your building sign, you are one step closer to getting your customers attention and also tracking the success of your campaign.

Of course building signage can be employed for general brand awareness without a specific offer attached as well. In these instances identify what is unique to your business and interesting to your customer and those are the building blocks for the perfect sign.

Keep it Simple

Write down everything you want to tell your customer in your signage. Then treat it like a fraction. Don’t worry, we weren’t great at maths either – find the lowest common denominator. Remove each word and piece of information that’s not entirely necessary and you will be left with the important information you can then form into an appealing message.

If you are wondering how to make the best use of your building signage or you have an awkward shopfront to work with, talk to our team at Fabsigns on (07) 3267 5507. We’ve worked with hundreds of Brisbane building signs and shop front signs – so we can find a great solution for any business!

Have you heard about the Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants for Brisbane Small Businesses? You may be eligible.

Small Business Grants – Applications Close 23 December 2020!


Small Business Grants up to $5000 are Available with the Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

Brisbane City Council is offering Brisbane small business owners grants of up to $5000 for visual improvements to their shopfronts. Applications are due Wednesday 23 December – talk to our team at Fabsigns on (07) 3267 5507 for your supporting documents!

Everything you need to know about Brisbane City Council’s Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

Grant: Brisbane City Council Grant offers $50,000 per annum over four years
Individual Grants: The Brisbane City Council will fund up to 50% of the cost of visual improvements to a shop front to a maximum of $5000 in value.
Grant Purpose: To improve the façade and overall appeal of Brisbane small business shop fronts
Due Date: Applications close 11.59pm on Wednesday 23 December 2020
Supporting Documents Required: Supporting documents are required for a successful application and include photos, plans, and quotes from contractors. Our team at Fabsigns can assist with all of these documents – call us today on (07) 3267 5507 for assistance with your supporting material as well as plans for your shop front!

Submit Your Application Now

Business Grants Criteria & Assessment Process

ImpactBusinesses who submit applications that will have a large visual impact will be considered as a priority.
CapacityApplicants are required to pay for half the project cost and may need to provide supporting material to the council regarding this. The business must also be able to adhere to grant deadlines and requirements.
NeedShopfronts that are in moderate to poor condition will be given priority.
CharacterSuccessful applications will demonstrate a commitment to improvements that lift the character of the local business area.

What Improvements are included in Brisbane City Council’s Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Brisbane City Council’s Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants are available for small business owners for long term improvements on a street-level. These include:

  • Repairs
  • Awnings
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Tiles
  • Other decorative material and signs

Ineligible Small Business Grant Improvements

Ineligible items for The Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants include:

  • already commenced or completed improvements
  • regular or routine maintenance or cleaning
  • advertising or signage improvements that are standalone
  • furniture or fixed planter boxes
  • building extensions or purchasing of property
  • relocation of your business
  • internal shop improvements such as painting or display shelves
  • operational costs or wages / staffing
  • statutory fees or development application

Also ineligible are businesses located in the Central Brisbane District (CBD) as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics State Suburbs (SSC) for Brisbane City.

Australian Small Business Grant FAQs

If I am successful, when does my small business grant need to be used?

Successful applicants have 12 months from when they are notified to complete shopfront improvements. You will also be required submit an online acquittal form.

Can I do the improvements myself?

No, the grant is designed to improve local shopfronts and provide additional work to the building and construction industry and hence is not intended for DIY renovations. You will be required to provide two written quotes from licensed contractors – call (07) 3267 5507 or Fabsigns today to obtain your quote!

I don’t own my premises, can I still apply?

Yes, both the property owner or the tenant (with the property owner’s written consent) can apply.

How ‘small’ is a small business?

Your business must not be a franchise and must have less than 20 employees including part-time and casual staff.

Talk to our team at Fabsigns today (07) 3267 5507 about your shop sign improvements. We’re the experts in Brisbane Signage and can assist Brisbane business owners who know exactly what they want – as well as strategise and offer suggestions for owners who require advice.