The advertising strategy that’s also good for your energy bill

Did you know that cool air can escape through glass almost as quickly as an open door? This can raise the cost of your electricity bill exponentially, especially in a Queensland summer.

If you have glass windows that face the sun, your office or shop is being zapped of the cool air your air conditioning is pumping out for the entire time the sun’s rays are hitting your glass.

Luckily for your energy bill, a window sign is the perfect way to keep the air con in as well as advertise your company!

  1. Window Sign & Tinting

You can make use of a simple sign that shows off your brand and also makes use of a subtle window tint to help with your energy efficiency.

Ray White Window Sign and Window Tinting | Fabsigns

2. Window Sign

Full window signs are a fantastic option for privacy, energy efficiency and advertising all bundled into one!

Window Signs Brisbane  | Fabsigns

3. One Way Vision

These type of window sign is popular as it offers the perfect advertising tool that allows filtered light in, while maintaining privacy but allowing you to see outside.

One Way Vision Window Sign Brisbane By Fabsigns

There are also window frostings, as well as other options that are unique to building settings. Let us give you an obligation free quote, by meeting you at your premise to go over your specific requirements. Call us today on (07) 3267 5507.

The Lowest Cost Per Impression Brisbane Advertising

The lowest cost per impression Brisbane advertising isn’t what you’d think.
It’s not Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing, Yahoo or even old fashion print ads in newspapers.

While each of these advertising strategies have their strengths, they still
do not provide the lowest cost per impression.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Cost Per Impression?

This is a marketing metric used to determine what the cost of a person looking at your advertising is to the business. If you put an ad in the  newspaper for $350 and 1000 people see it that’s $0.35 cost per impression.

Why Do Businesses look at Cost Per Impression?

Sometimes the best way to get a conversion or sale is to get your product in front of as many relevant people as possible. Hence finding a marketing strategy with a low cost per impression is your ideal solution, as this is the most cost effective way to show your services to as many people as possible.

What’s the Lowest Cost Per Impression Strategy?

Vehicle signage. Car wraps, ute signs, one way vision, and vehicle lettering are one off costs that can last 5 plus years that are constantly getting you attention.

AusHail Master Builders Queensland Ute Wrap by Fabsigns

A good signage team will ensure the best designs, colour combinations (that are on brand) and a high quality adhesive are used to get the most out of your signage.

Street Science Brisbane Ute Wrap By Fabsigns

Vehicle Signage Benefits

Other benefits to vehicle signage include:

        One off cost

         Protects the paint on your vehicle (car wraps

        Ongoing advertising

        Easily updated

        Advertising that moves with you

        24 / 7 advertising

        Wraps are faster & more cost effective than

        Limitless choice with colour & design

Ute Wrap Brisbane Tunnel Vision By Fabsigns


Vehicle signage is so important even local Brisbane councils choose to use fleet signage, not just for recognition, but also for raising brand awareness.

If you are considering adding this cost-effective marketing strategy to your business talk to our team at Fabsigns today on (07) 3267 5507.

9 Reasons to review your School Sign strategy

Our team at Fabsigns have assisted many education businesses with their school sign strategies over the years.

The needs for schools can vary greatly between budgets, locations, goals, and existing awareness. However, there is a consistent check list of items school administrators should review when discussing the local marketing strategy.

School Signs | Early Learning Signs | Fabsigns

1. First Impressions

Your signage is normally the first thing parents and students see when driving past or visiting your school. A clear, well written, and high quality sign creates an excellent first impression and immediately communicates your schools brand.

2. Navigation

Schools can be difficult to navigate, with multiple pathways, buildings and no assistance from Google Maps. New students, temporary teachers and aids as well as guests will greatly benefit from navigation signage from maps to arrows and building signage.

School Signs | Navigation Signs | Fabsigns

3. Motivation

Changeable school signs allow administrators to communicate motivation messages to students, teachers, and parents. From fundraisers with progress checks to the school’s motto, you are able to decide how best to motivate the faculty or children and update this regularly so it doesn’t become ‘part of the wallpaper’.

4. Brand Awareness

Part of running a successful school is to ensure there is appropriate brand awareness. Signage that is on brand is integral to this, as schools require a strong local presence. A signage company should have strong knowledge of maintaining brand awareness when assisting schools with design, creation and installation.

5. Promotion Core Values

Your school’s core values can be on display 24/7 with a digital display sign. Cycle through them or set it to change daily to remind your faculty, parents and students of the schools core values.

6. Celebrating Achievements

It is important to celebrate achievements including graduations, awards, sporting successes and so on.

7. Promoting Events

Let the community know about school events such as fetes, dances, school fundraisers, and more with digital school signs.

These are the main elements in a successful school sign strategy, but there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of signage including window and door signs, frosting and car wraps to name a few.

Call our team at Fabsigns today on (07) 3267 5507 for your free quote where we can discuss your specific needs and opportunities.