How to communicate & market during COVID19

Learning how to communicate in this COVID19 world can be tricky. Navigating the rules, keeping your team and customers safe while keeping your business alive is a balancing act. But you are resourceful. That’s why you’re reading this article. Here are our tips for how to communicate and market during COVID19.

Business Hours

Update your business hours as frequently as you change them. Your customers will understand your need for flexibility during this time, what will annoy them is not updating your information. If they make the pilgrimage to your store because your website says you are open only to find a closed sign, that’s reason to be annoyed. Use this checklist to assist:

  1. Update your website
  2. Update Google My Business
  3. Update your in store signage
  4. Update your social media
    1. Instagram
    1. Facebook
    1. Snap Chat
    1. TikTok
    1. Twitter
    1. Pinterest

A great tool for in store communication are digital display signs. This type of signage allows you to make instant updates to your hours for passersby. These are particularly useful for stores with good visibility or high foot traffic.

Employ the Use of Social Distancing Signage

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe, and for the most part the Brisbane community has come together well to make this a reality. Smart business owners have been employing the use of social distancing signs such as floor decals to help customers know where to stand appropriate distances apart.

Social Distancing Signs | Fabsigns
Social Distancing Signs

Light it up

Use illuminated signage in addition to keeping your published hours up to date, to let your customers know quickly and easily when you are open. Plus it’s 24 / 7 advertising, keeping you front of mind even when you’re not trading.

LJ Hooker Real Estate Signs Digital | Illuminated Signage Brisbane | Fabsigns

Search for Grants

The government has been looking to support local businesses through multiple grants offering amounts up to $10 000 to help businesses recover from COVID19 and come out the other side stronger. Part of these applications often includes getting quotes on services, such as team training, website upgrades, and advertising improvements. Consider applying for a grand and overhauling your local marketing with signage solutions as well. This can include car wraps, digital display signs, pylon signs, café barriers and shop signs just to name a few.

Talk to our team at Fabsigns today on (07) 3267 5507 for an obligation free quote on your signage solutions.

The Team at Fabsigns Get Creative with House Rules Signage

We all know and love the teams that compete in the famous Australian TV series, House Rules. It was no surprise when they hit South East Queensland for the seventh series they wanted a creative and high quality signwriter to assist their marketing department.

The House Rules Team on our Fabsigns traditional signwriting | Fabsigns

The penthouse was given to the eight teams sourced from around Australia to renovate in the style of ‘Miami Beach makeover’. Each team was given rooms inside the beachfront penthouse on the 32nd floor of the iconic Focus Apartments.

When it came to announce the details surrounding where the teams would be doing their renovation, it was clear a loud, bold and eye catching design would be needed. But how to pack all of that into a high rise in one of the largest tourist destinations in the country?

House Rules Logo done in traditional signwriting on top of Focus Apartments, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast | Fabsigns

Luckily our team doesn’t fall short when it comes to creativity. Together we decided the best way to showcase the logo was with stunning, bold and eye catching traditional signwriting to display the House Rules logo large and proud.

Traditional Signwriting House Rules by Channel 7 Logo | Fabsigns

The team of signwriters used a combination of templates, hard marking and free hand drawing to create the outline before completing the art.

Channel Seven's House Rules Traditional Signwritten Logo being templated | Fabsigns

Once the design was completely painted, we covered the whole roof with a grey waterproof membrane. This ensures the design stands out while also lasting the test of time. With such an extravagant logo that was to be aired on National free-to-air television for the country to see, quality was the utmost concern.

House Rules Logo Mid-Application | Fabsigns

We are proud to have worked with Channel 7 to create a logo in the heart of the Gold Coast that will be there for years to come.

Channel 7's House Rules Logo completed on the iconic Gold Coast's Focus Apartments | Fabsigns

If you require traditional signwriting on a large or small scale, talk to our team at Fabsigns on (07) 3267 5507. No job is too large or small!