Traditional Brisbane Marketing that Works!

Our customers are reliant upon Google, their smart phones, and Facebook more than ever. We live in a world with a vast network of information that’s accessible at the touch of a finger. However, there are traditional marketing platforms that are highly relevant and will never go out of fashion.

For example, handing someone your business card, informing our customers that after turning onto to Johnson Rd you’ll see the illuminated sign for Jetts Head office. Being a part of the community, identifiable by the sign reflecting the brand your customers have seen online. This is a crucial element to brand identity and continuity. After all, who doesn’t see IKEA when they drive past?

Here are some of our most important traditional marketing elements:

Business Cards

Networking is all about making connections. While LinkedIn and emails are fantastic tools, engaging in in-person conversations is the most effective way to build relationships. Two people with their heads buried in their phones does not make for a memorable encounter. Never underestimate the power of eye contact and a solid handshake followed by handing a business card.

Neon & Illuminated Signs

More than just signs to attract teenagers to a club, neon and illuminated signs are one of the best performing marketing platforms available. A customised sign that is professionally hand crafted will ensure passers-by will notice and admire your brand.

High quality signs with energy-efficient lighting are also one of the most cost-effective ways to make use of 24-hour advertising in the most relevant location possible when installed on your premises.

Digital Display Signs

This type of marketing is the best of both worlds! It incorporates digital strategy allowing you to easily customise your message at the drop of a hat, you can implement new campaigns immediately, and the success can be measured.

Backlit screens and movement get attention. Your customers will be naturally drawn to and eye-catching window display.

Building Signs

Nothing claims your location and demands attention like building signage. Large and attractive signs often become landmarks in a community, used by locals as points of reference.

Your building is the perfect canvas to take advantage of with a large, bold and quality sign. As well as your branding other messaging can also be included such as services and products or hours or operation.

Having your brand displayed to potential customers in the local area is paramount to building brand recognition. Would we be able to locate McDonalds or Ikea as easily if their building signage wasn’t so prominent?

Eagle Farm Signs By Fab Signs

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast. It is constantly growing and improving. The boom in digital marketing cannot be ignored – an effective marketing strategy in 2018 will rely on incorporating both digital and traditional marketing tools to build a well-rounded brand.

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Signage Factors for Effective Retail Signage

Signs are a store’s silent sales staff. Effective signage can bring customers into a store, tell them where to find what they need, introduce them to new products, and notify them about bargains.

If you want to increase sales and give customers a great shopping experience at the same time,take these signage factors into account:


The letters in your sign should be large enough to read from the vantage point of your customer. With that said, add an inch in height for every 10 feet of viewing. For instance, if a customer will view your sign from 30 feet away, make the letters at least three inches tall.


Use contrasting colours for the fonts and background of your sign. The most visible colours are black, white, and red for text, which should be printed over backgrounds that are as opposite as possible. Backgrounds with nearly the same colour as the text can render signs unreadable.

Reception Sign by Fabsigns
Reception Sign by Fabsigns


Signs that are handwritten, tattered, or unclean, and with misspelled or crossed out words give a bad impression. An exception for handwritten signs, however, would be a whiteboard or chalkboard where the department manager writes the specials. These can offer the impression of immediacy to customers because they change throughout the day or week.


Make tags big and bold so customers can identify prices, descriptions, and sizes of your products moreeasily. If you sell items with their own tags, try adding your own tag to make the information clearer. Include your company logo for some extra advertising.

Negative Signs

Limit the number of negative signs you post, such as warnings, prohibitions, and statements about penalties. These can be off-putting, as they might give the impression that your customers are a problem.

If you want customers and prospects to take notice of your store, get effective signage. Contact us here at Fabsigns for general customisable retail signs.


Choosing the Right Signage Combo

Not sure what type of signage your business needs? You are not alone. A handful of customers come to us at Fab Signs and tell us exactly what they want with specifications, images, and brand guidelines ready to go. The other 90% have no idea, they just know they need signage.

This is where we can help. With years of experience, we can offer our expert advice to guide you to signage decision that suits your company and brand. And we can give you different options in terms of styling and budget.

For example, who would have guessed a combo of wallpaper and 3D lettering would be the perfect corporate fit while also offering a touch of elegance?

New Farm Signs - 3D Letter Signs + Wallpaper by Fab Signs
3D Letter Signs paired with Wallpaper by Fab Signs

Our clients in New Farm are stoked with their entrance and reception. The dark wallpaper embossed with their logo contrasted with their lighter brand colours has managed to impress their team as well as their own clientele.

This pairing of wallpaper and 3D letter signs may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think ‘I need signage’ but luckily for you, you’ve found us. At Fab Signs we pride ourselves on doing the basics well, from there we have license to branch out and be creative. Give us a call to chat about what we can do for your business – 07 3267 5507.